Vladimir and Estragon meet near a tree and wait for a man named Godot. A boy tells them Godot will be coming tomorrow instead of tonight, but they stay and continue to wait. Following night, the boys comes again and says Godot will not be coming. But Vladimir and Estragon keep on waiting for Godot.

Design Note:
Godot is something that sustains life (like Vladimir and Estragon fail to kill themselves in order to meet Godot).
In other words, everyone has their own Godot that makes life move on. It is the power to stay straight in the absurd reality.
My interpretation of Godot is self-realization, since it is the ultimate goal that I would long for. It might never come, but it is the reason to live.
Reflection dominates the scenery, showing strong desire for Godot (self-realization).
The tree, which is the symbol of the reality, is hung upside-down. This does not look right, but through the reflection, we can find hope.