play by Steve Yockey

Studio 201 (Pittsburgh PA), 2015

Position: Scenic Designer

Director: Ian Julian Williams
Lighting Designer: Daniel Bergher
Media Designer: Kevin Ramser
Costume Designer: Nina Bova
Sound Designer: Emma Present

Production photos by Louis Stein

Ben and Jack are ex-lovers who still share a tiny apartment in New York City. Ben never steps out of his apartment, believing that the world is full of dangerous wolves. Jack brings home a stranger one day; and of course, Ben freaks out. His only protective place is now torn apart and thrown into the brutal world.

Design Note:
The venue is a vast warehouse, which perfectly expresses the urban wilderness.
The contrast between this immensity and Ben’s tiny spot is the image I emphasized throughout the play.
It begins inside a small box denying the external world; but as the box collapses, it gets ripped into pieces becoming smaller and smaller, weaker and weaker.